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No. We have opportunities in the department that would not involve entering burning buildings. The State offers an operations course for people who want to provide support to firefighters. There are also many opportunities to contribute through administrative tasks.
At a minimum weekly training, one meeting per month, and 10% of all calls (average yearly total of 200) will qualify you as an active firefighter. There are State courses which are required and whatever talents you might have or wish to contribute.
The Fire District covers the entire Town of Stillwater excluding the Village or 44 square miles.
The Fire District is the legislative and policy making group that is elected by the public. The commissioners represent the taxpayers and look out for their interests while using tax funding to provide fire protection in the district. There are 5 elected commissioners. The Arvin Hart Fire Company is the operational arm of the Fire District and is organized to provide staffing resources for the District. Naming the fire company after D. Arvin Hart avoids the confusion with the Village or Stillwater Fire Department. The District was formed in 1954.
First obtain a membership application from a member, by stopping by Station 1 on Campbell Road on Wednesday night or on our Web page (click here to download membership application). Fill out all applicable information and bring it to any station on a Wednesday night. Obtain the sponsorship of three members. Once signed by three sponsors turn in the application for the Secretary or President. The application is presented to the membership at a monthly meeting (second Wednesday of each month) where it is tabled for 30 days. The applicant is called in for an interview and review of the application by the Trustees. Once tabled for 30 days the Trustees make a recommendation to the membership at a monthly meeting. The membership votes on the application. If accepted, the application is sent for approval by the Board of Fire Commissioners. If approved the applicant must sign the role book and be approved by the County Insurance Fund. Members must complete State training within a year of obtaining membership. Interior Fire Fighters must complete the Fire Fighter I training, non-interior fire fighters must complete the Fire Ground Operations Course.
Burn permits are issued by the Town of Stillwater. Applications are available on line http://www.stillwaterny.org/userfiles/file/APP_BP.pdf. Applications are returned to the Department of Building and Planning for approval. Once the permit is issued the permitte is required to call County Fire Control prior to burning and once the burn is complete. If you do not obtain a permit and the fire department is called to the scene, the fire will be extinguished by the Fire Department and the person responsible for the fire may be subject to penalties by the Town.
Basically the Fire Company was started in 1954 with a group of men in the Town of Stillwater signing the role. See the Arvin Hart about page for the details.

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