Proposed New Section C to Article 5 Election of Officers


PROPOSED NEW Section C: Potential Vacancy due to failure to meet minimum qualifications

The nominating committee shall consider the minimum qualifications to be nominated as a line officer contained in Article 5, Section H of the By-Laws.

The intent is to comply with the recommended “Best Practices” for use by fire departments as developed jointly by the NYS Department of Labor and NYS DHSES/OFPC.

The basis of the “Best Practices” is to insure that first line supervisors be provided with training and education which is more comprehensive than that provided to the general membership.

Therefore, if there is a potential vacancy for a line officer position both experience and education shall be considered by the nominating committee. The nominating committee shall agree upon the most qualified candidates to be chosen for a supervisory position if there is not a candidate who possess all of the qualifications provided in Article 5, Section H of the By-Laws.

If the candidate chosen does not possess all of the educational qualifications as outlined in Article 5 Section H of the By-Laws, the candidate has 1 year to obtain a certificate for the missing courses, or the member shall not be a candidate for re-election to,  or continue to hold the position.







If adopted current Section C will become Section D, Section D will become E and so on…