Special News for Saratoga County Fire Departments – New VFBL Reporting Protocols

Claim Reporting Instructions (1)

The attached is information on the new on-line reporting program for the Saratoga County Fire Department VFBL third party administrator. VFBL comp claim reporting changes will be effective January 1. 2023.

On behalf of Saratoga County Workers Compensation Plan, I am excited to announce that PMA Companies has been selected as our new third party administrator assuming workers’ compensation claim management services for all new and existing claims effective January 1, 2023. We will no longer be contracted with CorVel.  Please do not forward anything to them after close of business on December 30, 2022.

We will continue to use a 24/7 nurse triage line (PMA Care 24) which PMA offers as a benefit to our employees.   The goal of the triage service is to ensure the employee receives immediate medical attention and is provided with the most appropriate level of care. This service also initiates the claim notification process allowing for better overall management of the incident. Ideally, the employee calls at the time of a work related incident.  PMA Care 24 triage posters and business cards will be provided to you. I have also attached a 1st fill information form for any prescriptions that the injured worker may need.  Please share with your injured worker at the time of injury.

In addition to the employee calling the PMA Care 24 triage, it is imperative that the employer also report a claim immediately by logging onto PMA’s website www.pmacompanies.com and clicking on the “Report a Claim” function.  There is a generic username and password for Saratoga County that all participants will use. I have attached the claim reporting instructions so please be sure to save these and share with anyone who would possibly be reporting a claim for your entity.  If online reporting is absolutely not an option, you can report an injury via e-mail to firstreport@pmagroup.com (please include the PMA account # 1423573 in the email or on the intake form to expedite claim set up), by phone at 800-762-1281, or by fax at 888-329-2721.

Please note PMA will be investigating and administering claims going forward.  Please be sure to respond promptly to any PMA team member inquiries.

PMA will also be providing us with a number of medical management tools including medical bill review services, provider networks (PPO) and pharmacy benefits management services (PBM).   These tools will help reduce the overall workers’ compensation costs.   PMA offers extensive reporting capabilities and program analysis tools to assist with data needed in the loss control process and to assist in safety programs to help prevent future injuries.

The pertinent contact information for PMA is below:

PMA Customer Service Center 

PO Box 5231 

Janesville, WI 53547-5231 

Phone: 888-476-2669 

New Pharmacy Benefit Manager as of 1/1/23:

Express Scripts/myMatrixx 

Phone: 888-897-9470

(Injured workers with existing claims should let their pharmacy know of the change in Pharmacy Benefit Manager for any Rx’s filled after 1/1/23)