The New ETA-105 is now in Service.

ETA -105 is now in service at Station 3 on State Route 423.  This new Toyne replaces a 1998 engine that is now surplus and up for sale. Features of the new 10-5 include a 1500gpm Hale pump, 1500 gallon water tank, three electrically controlled dump valves, electrically controlled master stream device, seating for 8 with 5 SCBA seats, superior LED scene lighting, two cross lays in the front bumper, 3 cross lays above the pump panel, 1500′ of 5″ supply line, 300′ 21/2″ leader line and a 1000gpm fireman’s friend directly into the tank.  We want to thank VRS Truck Sales and Toyne for making this a seamless purchase.