Supplying SCBA Air – All Day Long

Most neighboring departments don’t seem to be aware that our heavy rescue, R-10-3 has a capability that is underutilized. On board is a air compressor and fill station that will fill SCBA cylinders up to 4500psi all day long.  How many cylinders can we fill?  As long as we have fuel, we can fill cylinders.  The air compressor runs off the 30Kw PTO on-board generator.  As long as the generator runs the compressor and produce air.  We are not limited by a cascade system which can only refill a limited number of SCBA air cylinders.  At an all day training scenario we filled close to 100 cylinders. On average we are prepared to fill two cylinders per minute. The air is tested regularly for purity for use in SCBA’s.

The following are pictures of the compressor and fill station on the apparatus: