Reconstruction of Station 3 Complete


The original Station 3 was constructed in the mid-70s and was a steel frame building with a steel exterior and very little insulation. The building was originally designed to be a 25-year structure but stood in place for 44 years.

In late 2019 the fire district engaged the architectural firm of Balzer & Tuck from Saratoga Springs to design a new fire station to replace the current building. The main goal of the project was to construct a 50-year, energy efficient structure on the same site. Plans were completed in 2019 with the plan to go out to bid in early 2020 with completion in the fall of 2020. Bids were awarded to Bast Hatfield as the general contractor, Tri Valley Plumbing and Heating as the plumbing and HVAC contractor, and Hewitt-Young Electric as the electrical contractor. Construction began in March of 2020 amid the CoVid pandemic and after a brief 2-day halt construction continued through early 2020 since the fire department provided essential services. The building was completed for occupancy in October of 2020 and the apparatus was moved back into the station.

The station is a simple design dominated by three apparatus bays, a common area which includes a radio room, two public bathrooms, a decontamination shower, a mezzanine to be used for storage and training props and utility space. All the floors in the building are polished concrete for ease of maintenance and the building has been constructed to current energy codes and is clad with an aluminum outer shell. The apparatus bays are heated with propane fueled radiant heat and the common space is heated and air conditioned with a separate propane fueled hot air heating system. Station 3 can be used by the public for voting and houses an engine, utility pick-up and our swift water rescue inflatable craft on a trailer.