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NOTICE: Public Bond Vote, Tuesday March 31st, 6p to 9p Station 1 Campbell Road – no increase in taxes!



Stillwater Fire District/Arvin Hart Fire Company

Operational Policy Protocols

In Response to the:2020 Covid 19 State of Emergency

We are all aware that this newest challenge is of unprecedented nature! We are all grappling with uncertainty and what we can do to help and or prevent the spread of this virus to fellow volunteer firefighters or to those who summon us to help.

We all need to be calm, prudent, compassionate, and caring towards our members and public.  One of the things we need to do is be vigilant and steady.

Out of an abundance of caution, all fire company training sessions, monthly meetings, officers’ meetings, committee meetings, Saturday breakfasts, and social activities are being cancelled by orders of the Chief until further notice.

We are requesting that the Chiefs have liberal purchasing capability to allow any unforeseen circumstances which may occur at this time of uncertainty.  The company treasurer shall have the ability to pay all bills promptly without the normal approval at a company meeting, but all purchases related to this unusual response will be documented on a company warrant to be reviewed and discussed when a monthly meeting is safe to conduct.

Recommendations of the Arvin Hart Fire Company Chiefs:

If you are not feeling well stay home!

Return to firematic duties when you feel better.

If you normally respond to station 1, 2, or 4 – respond to incidents to those stations, but do not visit other stations.

When an incident is complete, the apparatus, equipment used, your PPE and the station will be disinfected if there is the possibility that we had contact with a person with the virus. Continue the suggested protocols from the CDC and wash your hands with soap and water regularly.  Decon protocols will be available and posted in the fire stations.

After calls, immediately leave the station in preparation for the next incident and wash your hands.

If you or any member of your family become quarantined or test positive for the corona virus, notify a chief officer at your earliest possible convenience.

At an incident which requires minimal fire company response personnel (for example: Carbon Monoxide, propane leak, methane detector, EMS assist) limit exposure to others with as few staff as necessary:

  1. Prior to entering. Ask “Is anyone feeling ill in the home?” If the answer is yes; notify the incident commander immediately.

  2. If illness is present. Full PPE including SCBA shall be worn to limit exposure.  Saratoga County Public Health suggests bagging exposed gear for 3 days, and then run it through a gear washing extractor.

  3. Limit 1 firefighter into a dwelling, unless firefighter safety is a concern.  If more assistance is required and safe to do-notify the incident commander via radio and request the specific resources required.

  4. Upon arrival, remain on the apparatus-unless ordered otherwise by the incident commander.

If you believe you were exposed to Covid 19 while on a fireground, notify the incident commander immediately.  A utility vehicle will be summoned for you for your transportation needs to limit exposure to other firefighters.  Fill out the appropriate VFBL worker’s comp incident form for an exposure.

If any firefighter has any questions, concerns, comments, input, or recommendations about our duties and responsibilities to provide fire protection to our residents during this difficult time.  Contact any Chief or Officer of the Arvin Hart Fire Company.


Regularly Scheduled Events:

Training -- Wednesday Nights beginning at 6:30 P.M. and Saturdays beginning at 8:00 A.M. with breakfast beginning at 7:30AM

Company Meetings -- 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Board of Fire Commissioner's Meeting -- 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M.



Firefighting isn’t for everyone, volunteering is – there is more to do than what is shown here:

YouTube Volunteering Video


Download sign-up sheets and become a member!  (Click both links below and fill out)


Membership Application



DMV Disclosure


Attention District Residents: To make sure your county 911 information is correct, call Saratoga County Emergency Services at 884-4769 daily between  9 A.M. and 5 P.M.


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Commissioners and Officers

Board of Fire Commissioner's for 2019

Anthony Ponzillo, Chairman; Tom Rinaldi Apparatus Committee; Nick Maciariello,  Treasurer; Bill Ritter, Apparatus Committee;  Bob Carson Facilities Committee; Jason Urdang Facilities Committee; Barb Comitale, Secretary/Deputy Treasurer


Line Officers for 2020

Chief            -- Bob Wood

Deputy        -- Dave Dunn

Assistant     -- Zach Zendran

Captains      -- Rick Hopeck

                     -- R J Laurenzo

                     -- CJ Brownell

Lieut.           -- Jason Urdang

                      -- John Ballard

                      -- Tim Collins


Fire Police Capt.

                      -- Paul Macey


Fire Police Lt.

                      -- Bill Valosin


Administrative Officers for 2020

President -- Lisa Laurenzo

V.P.            -- Nick Maciariello

Treasurer -- Jaclyn Thomas



                   -- Chris Wright

Correspondence Secretary

                   -- Tiffani Murray

Sergeant at Arms

                   -- Bill Ritter

Trustees   -- Dave Duquette, Jason Urdang, Jeff Nyland, Brian Sabourin, and Tim Collins




Words to Reflect On

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney







We continue to recruit volunteers from the community for the fire company and we especially need members for the Fire Police squad.  If you are looking to give something back to your community, we’re looking for you.  Training and protective clothing are provided, commitment is approximately 2 hours per week once your training is complete and not including calls.


The one thing you can do is volunteer in your community, many hands makes light work and keeps your taxes lower.  Let’s keep the momentum going.

Many fire companies are in need of additional members especially during daytime hours when many people are out of the area working.  Volunteer fire companies all over the country are in need of additional members and in many cases have been hiring station keepers who double as firefighters during the day.  No matter what you call them, they cost money, unfortunately there comes a time when you are given no choice, either hire responders, or don’t respond.

Find out how YOU can contribute by emailing us at or better yet stop by the main station at 10 Campbell Road on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning and talk with an officer.  Applications are also available on this web site.

On March 21st the fire company will be holding their annual “old timers” dinner at station 1 on Campbell Road.  This annual tradition honors members who have contributed more than 10 years of service to the fire company and is an opportunity to gather to see many who are no longer responding.  The dinner is prepared and served by many members who have less than 10 years with the fire company.


The Assistance to Firefighters federal grant has been submitted to FEMA for evaluation.  The grant was submitted for more than $200,000 to help defray the cost of new SCBA equipment.  Our equipment will be 15 years old this year and the cylinders will no longer comply with the NFPA standards.  The air packs themselves were manufactured to a standard that was written in 2007 and three new standards have been developed since then, the latest being in 2018.  It’s unknown when the grants will be awarded, the 2018 grants were finally awarded at the end of 2019.

Facility News

Deconstruction of the old fire station has begun and construction of the new station will follow in early March.  The current draft timeline has completion of the station in early fall.  Bast Hatfield of Clifton Park is the general contractor for the project with Tri Valley Plumbing and Heating the plumbing and mechanical contractor and Hewitt Young as the electrical contractor.  The site should be fenced off in March and entry to the site will be strictly controlled.


Apparatus News

No news to report on the building of our new water rescue support unit.  The unit is scheduled to be completed by late summer/early fall.

Apparatus has been removed from Station 3 during construction with an additional engine at Station 1 and an additional pick-up at Station 2.  The brush truck is currently located at Station 4 and will remain there until brush fire season and the location will then be re-evaluated based on the potential for brush fires in the Town.


Training sessions and meetings are listed in the Calendar on this web page and members can access them in the event section of the I am Responding App on their phones.

Members have the ability to access free on-line training from the parent company of ESIP insurance on the web.  To access, go online at:, click on E-Learning.  The access code is in the Watch Desk Book located in the radio room at Station 1.  Many of these courses have been revised and some new subjects have been added. 

At the County Training Center

Training Resource Links:

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ICS Training Resources


Emergency Response Guidebook Training

Emergency Response Guidebook 2016




Mission Statement:


Service – Trust – Honor –Ethics