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Annual Election & Preparing Register

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Stillwater Fire District Invitation to Bid

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Stillwater Fire District, Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York, intends to construct a new fire station of approximately 3,600 square feet with associated site work at 147 State Route 423, Stillwater, New York, Saratoga Co. and is seeking sealed bids for the following four (4) bid packages: general construction, mechanical/HVAC, plumbing and electrical.  This is a public work project and is subject to General Municipal Law Article 5-A.

                Sealed bids will be received at the offices of Balzer & Tuck Architecture at 468 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 during the hours of 8:30 A.M. to 2:00 P. M. but no later than 2:00 P.M. (EST) on December 4th, 2019.  The bids will be publicly opened at the Arvin Hart/Stillwater Fire District main fire station at 10 Campbell Road, Stillwater, New York on Wednesday, December 4th at 6:30 P.M. (EST).

                Each sealed enclosure containing a bid is to be endorsed on the outside with the name, address and telephone number of the bidder and is to state that it contains a bid for the construction of a new fire station at 147 State Route 423, Town of Stillwater, Saratoga Co. NY, and indicate which bid package is being bid on.

                Bid security in the form of a 5% bid bond issued by an acceptable surety, bank or certified check payable to the Stillwater Fire District is required.

                Bids must be in accordance with the terms, conditions, specifications and other bid documents for the project and must remain applicable for forty-five (45) days.  Such terms, conditions, specifications and other bid documents may be obtained online at the following this link: Stillwater Fire District: Station #3. but no later than 2:00 P.M. (EST) on December 4th, 2019 when bids are due.

                The successful bidder will be required to provide both a performance bond and a labor/material payment bond issued by acceptable sureties and to enter into a written contract with the Stillwater Fire District.  A copy of the form of contract is included with the bid documents.

                The Stillwater Fire District reserves the rights to reject any and all bids, re-advertise for new bids, waive any irregularities in bidding and to accept the bid that is the most responsible for the residents of the Fire District.


  1. Stillwater Fire District is a tax-exempt local government entity.

  2. Town permit and fees may be waived for this project at the discretion of the Town Board.

  3. Any applicable State and County fees and/or permits are in force for this project.

  4. Bidders shall be required to use a surety authorized to do business in the State of New York.  Said surety shall be used for all bonds required.

  5. Any reference to Prime Contractors indicates the five contractors in the contracting areas identified by  General Municipal Law 101 (Wicks).

  6. Each Prime Contractor is responsible for all requirements of the published specifications.

  7. It is the responsibility of the Prime Contractor to forward addenda and other pertinent information to  subcontractors, suppliers and vendors.

  8. Division of work between separate Prime Contractors is defined in the specifications as well as within other  technical sections within the specifications and shown on the drawings.

  9. All questions during the bidding phase are to be posted in writing only.  NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED  BY PHONE.  Responses will be transmitted to bidders within 48 hours of receipt of question.  Please use the  following e-mail address <> for all questions.

  10. The words “Specification” and “Project Manual” are interchangeable, both referring to this document.

  11. Any reference to the “Contractor” shall mean any Prime Contractor.

  12. Any reference to Architect in these Specifications shall also include the Architect’s Agent.

  13. Refer to Project Manual and note that the Stillwater Fire District is not amenable to providing the contractors the option for winter conditions and the building shall be substantially completed prior to winter conditions being necessitated.


Updated Project Manual and Answers to RFIs Station 3 Building project, posted Nov. 4, 2019.

 New !! Stillwater Fire District: Station #3 



Support Arvin Hart Fire Company

The annual fund drive is in full swing.  The volunteer members of the fire company appreciate your continued support.  If you haven’t sent a donation you can mail it to Arvin Hart Fire Company, PO Bx 288, Stillwater NY 12170 – Thank You!!

When you shop Amazon, start with Amazon Smile at and you will be supporting your local fire company.  Amazon donates to the charitable organization of your choice.  The Arvin Hart Fire Company has registered with Amazon to take advantage of this program.  Shop on Amazon by starting with Smile and choose Arvin Hart Fire Company.  It doesn’t cost you anything and the pennies add up.  Thank you.


Notice of Bond Referendum and Board of Fire Commissioner’s Election

Due to legal requirements related to the publishing of notices the Bond Vote to finance the reconstruction of Station scheduled for October 8 th will be postponed until Tuesday December 10 th from 6pm until 9pm at the Arvin Hart fire station at 10 Campbell Road.   The bond vote will be held in coordination with the annual Board of Fire Commissioner’s election.   There is one 5 year term to be voted on this year.


 New Fire Station to Be Built, Will not Increase Taxes

The Commissioners of the Stillwater Fire District as well as the Arvin Hart Fire Company Officers have been performing a needs assessment for a replacement fire station #3 at Route 432 in the Town of Stillwater.  The team has been working with the Architectural Firm of Balzer & Tuck in Saratoga Springs which has recently designed a new fire station for the Village of Round Lake and an addition to the Malta Ridge Fire Station.  The Stillwater Fire District/Arvin Hart Volunteer Fire Company serves the residents in a 42 square mile area and has contiguous boarders with the Town of Stillwater, excluding the Village of Stillwater which maintains its own fire department.

The original metal building was constructed by the Fire District as a sub-station in the early 70’s and was designed and constructed with a 25 year life span.  Here we are approximately 44 years later with an aging building that is anything but energy efficient.  The defining moment that forced the fire district into action was in the winter of 2017 when the building could not be kept above freezing which forced the members of the fire company to move the fire apparatus out of the building to another of the District’s 3 fire stations.  Although the furnace was running continuously the temperature in the building didn’t rise above 32°F the fear was the water in the pump on the fire apparatus would freeze and place the unit out of service for fires.

The planning team has agreed on the spaces within the station which will consist of two full length back-in apparatus bays for the larger trucks and a half-length bay for a pick up or smaller vehicle.  Behind the half-length bay is a common area to be used for the staging of firefighters, training, or for public voting if it returns to that station.  We made the building a simple 60’X60’ square, which reduces the cost and made sure the common space was separate from the apparatus garage space.  The building will include handicap accessible bathrooms, a modest kitchenette with microwave, sink and refrigerator, utility space, a decontamination shower for cancer mitigation and a mezzanine over the common area to be used for a bail out training space.  The district is currently getting all the legal work in place to insure that everything will be ready for a spring 2020 ground breaking.  While bidding will not take place until October of this year a rough cost estimate is $1.7 million.  All Fire Districts in the State are required to follow bidding regulations promulgated by the Office of the State Comptroller and are also required to pay prevailing wage rates for any construction projects.  We would hope to have the building fully enclosed by the fall of 2020.

The fire district went to the public in 2005 for approval to raise fire district taxes to pay for Station 1 on Campbell road and will not be looking for a tax increase to construct this station.  We anticipate the debt to be retired in 2020 for station 1 and will secure bond anticipation notes to pay for the replacement for station 3.  The district built a new station #2 on George Thompson road in 1996 which is also paid for, and took possession of station #4 in the Riverside section of town which is also debt free.

The first question that is always asked is; will the fire district need to increase the taxes for fire protection as a result of the replacement of station #3, the answer is no.  The fire district will hold a public hearing and review the project on Wednesday September 18th at 7PM at Station #3 on State Route 423 in the Town of Stillwater.  On October 8th there will be a public referendum (vote) to permit the fire district to obtain bonding in the amount of $1.7m to finance the building of the station.  We anticipate that the bond rates will remain low through the end of the year which will reduce the interest costs to finance the station.



NOTICE: Plan Reviews by the Fire Company

Note:  All plans to be reviewed by the Fire Company for structures or sub-divisions should be hard copies and mailed to AHFD Chief, PO BOX 28, Stillwater, NY 12170



Training Minutes


Chainsaw Training

Dewalt Battery Chainsaw


Regularly Scheduled Events:

Training -- Wednesday Nights beginning at 6:30 P.M. and Saturdays beginning at 8:00 A.M. with breakfast beginning at 7:30AM

Company Meetings -- 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Board of Fire Commissioner's Meeting -- 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M.



Firefighting isn’t for everyone, volunteering is – there is more to do than what is shown here:

YouTube Volunteering Video


Download sign-up sheets and become a member!  (Click both links below and fill out)


Membership Application



DMV Disclosure


Attention District Residents: To make sure your county 911 information is correct, call Saratoga County Emergency Services at 884-4769 daily between  9 A.M. and 5 P.M.


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Cancer Gap Coverage





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Commissioners and Officers

Board of Fire Commissioner's for 2019

Anthony Ponzillo, Chairman; Tom Rinaldi Apparatus Committee; Nick Maciariello,  Treasurer; Bill Ritter, Apparatus Committee;  Bob Carson Facilities Committee; Jason Urdang Facilities Committee; Barb Comitale, Secretary/Deputy Treasurer


Line Officers for 2019

Chief            -- Bob Wood

Deputy        -- Dave Dunn

Assistant     -- Zach Zendran

Captains      -- Rick Hopeck

                     -- R J Laurenzo

                     -- CJ Brownell

Lieut.           -- Jason Urdang

                      -- Chris Miller

                      -- Tim Collins


Fire Police Capt.

                      -- Paul Macey


Fire Police Lt.

                      -- Bill Valosin


Administrative Officers for 2019

President -- Lisa Laurenzo

V.P.            -- Nick Maciariello

Treasurer -- Jaclyn Thomas



                   -- Chris Wright

Correspondence Secretary

                   -- Tiffani Murray

Sergeant at Arms

                   -- Bill Ritter

Trustees   -- Dave Duquette, Jason Urdang, Jeff Nyland, Brian Sabourin, and Tim Collins




Words to Reflect On

You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past, the only way to learn the secret is to press play.

Jay Asher








Congratulations to Veronica Collins for completing the EVOC course and now moving on to the Pump Operator’s Course.


We are recruiting members for the Fire Police squad.  If you are looking to give back to the community, the fire company is actively recruiting members for fire police duties.  Fire police direct traffic, secure incident scenes and direct the public during events.  They protect the members of the fire company at the scene of incidents.  Training and protective equipment is provided and the fire company has three vehicles used for fire police transport and scene safety.  Visit us any Wednesday night or Saturday mornings to find out how you can serve your community.


Recruitment and retention of new volunteer first responders is always important and although right now we have several new, young members we always have members who are on the cusp of aging out and transitioning to less stressful positions.  A volunteer fire company is always in a state of flux with new members coming and older members going.  It’s what makes it interesting and diverse.  The ranks of the volunteer fire service continue to shrink locally and nationally.  As they do, the burden of cost will be borne by the taxpayers as the need for paid staff to supplement volunteer’s increases.

The one thing you can do is volunteer in your community, many hands makes light work and keeps your taxes lower.  Let’s keep the momentum going.

Find out how YOU can contribute by emailing us at or better yet stop by the main station at 10 Campbell Road on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning and talk with an officer.  Applications are also available on this web site.


The narrative is complete for the Assistance to Firefighter’s grant, we are just waiting for the announcement that the grant period is open.

Facility News

The project to construct a new fire station at the State Route 423 site is on-going.  We will be appearing before the Town Planning Board on the 18th of November.  In addition the public vote to approve the bonding to pay for the construction will take place on December 10 from 6pm until 9pm at the main station at 10 Campbell Road.  There will be two items on the ballot, to elect one commissioner for a 5 year term and to vote for the bonding of the fire station construction.


Apparatus News

We are still awaiting word from Ford that the chassis/cab for the new water rescue unit has been shipped to KME in Pennsylvania who will complete the construction of the light duty rescue portion of the proposed unit.  We are aware that the chassis has been built but it had to have the automatic chains installed by a separate installer and then it was to be shipped to Pennsylvania.  There is still and expectation that the unit will be ready during the first quarter of 2020.


If you have not yet completed the required Sexual Harassment training you may do so on line with either Capital EAP or by taking the on-line course provided by ESIP our insurance carrier.

Training sessions and meetings are listed in the Calendar on this web page and members can access them in the event section of the I am Responding App on their phones.

Members have the ability to access free on-line training from the parent company of ESIP insurance on the web.  To access, go online at:, click on E-Learning.  The access code is in the Watch Desk Book located in the radio room at Station 1.  Many of these courses have been revised and some new subjects have been added. 

At the County Training Center

Training Resource Links:

Local Training


FireRescue 1


Firehouse Magazine


Fire Engineering


ICS Training Resources


Emergency Response Guidebook Training

Emergency Response Guidebook 2016




Mission Statement:


Service – Trust – Honor –Ethics