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Stillwater Fire District - Arvin Hart Fire Company

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Fire District elections will take place on December 8th at the Campbell Road Station between the hours of 6 and 9PM to elect one commissioner for a 5 year term commencing on January 1st, 2021.  Proper social distancing and masks will be required for voting.


Jimmy’s Bench

The Arvin Hart Fire Co has obtained a memorial bench which has been placed at the portico on the east side of Station 1 on Campbell Road. The bench is dedicated to the memory of 53 year member James “Jimmy” Ganon who was a devoted member of the fire company and served as a member of the fire police for all of those 53 years. Jim was a larger than life character who would be seen at many of the local fire department dinners and could be very ornery if he saw you sitting on anything other than a chair. One of the many people who passed through our doors that made the fire company special.





A public hearing for the purpose of reviewing the Fire District “proposed” fire district budget for 2021 will be held on Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm at the Campbell Road station.  Social distancing protocols will be observed.




Stillwater Fire District/Arvin Hart Fire Company

Modified Operational Policy Protocols

In Response to the:2020 Covid 19 State of Emergency

In Response to the CoVid 19 State of Emergency the fire company will continue to take the measures necessary to protect our responders and the public as the situation changes.  Our members continue to wear protective masks or practice distancing protocols as the situation dictates.  We continue to decon fire apparatus and equipment after each call as the situation warrants.


Construction Completed at Station 3


Training Minutes

Education House Chimney Fire


Regularly Scheduled Events:

Training -- Wednesday Nights beginning at 6:30 P.M. and Saturdays beginning at 8:00 A.M. with breakfast beginning at 7:30AM

Company Meetings -- 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Board of Fire Commissioner's Meeting -- 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M.



Firefighting isn’t for everyone, volunteering is – there is more to do than what is shown here:

YouTube Volunteering Video


Download sign-up sheets and become a member!  (Click both links below and fill out)


Membership Application



DMV Disclosure


Attention District Residents: To make sure your county 911 information is correct, call Saratoga County Emergency Services at 884-4769 daily between  9 A.M. and 5 P.M.


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Cancer Gap Coverage








Commissioners and Officers

Board of Fire Commissioner's for 2020

Anthony Ponzillo, Chairman; Tom Rinaldi Apparatus Committee; Nick Maciariello,  Treasurer; Bill Ritter, Apparatus Committee;  Bob Carson Facilities Committee; Jason Urdang Facilities Committee; Barb Comitale, Secretary/Deputy Treasurer


Line Officers for 2020

Chief            -- Bob Wood

Deputy        -- Dave Dunn

Assistant     -- Zach Zendran

Captains      -- Rick Hopeck

                     -- R J Laurenzo

                     -- CJ Brownell

Lieut.           -- Jason Urdang

                      -- John Ballard

                      -- Tim Collins


Fire Police Capt.

                      -- Paul Macey


Fire Police Lt.

                      -- Bill Valosin


Administrative Officers for 2020

President -- Lisa Laurenzo

V.P.            -- Nick Maciariello

Treasurer -- Jaclyn Thomas



                   -- Chris Wright

Correspondence Secretary

                   -- Tiffani Murray

Sergeant at Arms

                   -- Bill Ritter

Trustees   -- Dave Duquette, Jason Urdang, Jeff Nyland, Brian Sabourin, and Tim Collins


Words to Reflect On

The pandemic is not over, stay the course and stay safe.







The Fire Company and District would like to congratulate Vince Laurenzo, Fire District resident and Principle at Quick Response for being named an honorary member for his contributions to the fire company.  Thank you for your continued support.


We have two new members who have applied to the fire company.  They will go through the usual vetting process and will likely be voted on at the next fire company meeting.


In person meetings have resumed with proper social distancing or with the use of a mask.  Saturday training has also resumed with proper protective measures in place.


Fire District Board meetings are being held in the large meeting room observing distancing protocols.



We have been informed by FEMA grant application made it to the second round but was not awarded to the fire district for the breathing air packs.  The District will continue with the plan to lease the packs since our equipment was out of date and no longer complied with the national standards.  The lease payment was already figured into the budget.

Facility News

The reconstruction of Station 3 is complete and we have moved equipment and personnel back into the Station.

Repair of the west sidewalk and a new entry door is being planned for station 1 before winter weather sets in.


Apparatus News

Our new water rescue support unit has been delivered and is currently in service.  All of the equipment has been transferred from the previous unit and the radios had to be switched over.



Training has resumed on a limited basis on Wednesday evenings.  CoVid 19 sanitizing protocols are in place and practiced at all training sessions.

On-line courses are available from some sources particularly ESIP Insurance, consult and register on their website at:

At the County Training Center

Training Resource Links:

Local Training


FireRescue 1


Firehouse Magazine


Fire Engineering


ICS Training Resources


Emergency Response Guidebook Training

Emergency Response Guidebook 2016




Mission Statement:


Service – Trust – Honor –Ethics