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Stillwater Fire District - Arvin Hart Fire Company

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The October Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Stillwater Fire District will be held on Monday October 3rd rather than Monday October 10th.


The Annual Budget hearing pursuant to Section 105 of the Town Law Section 181 will be held on Tuesday October 18th at 7pm at the main fire station on Campbell at Kellogg Roads, Stillwater N.Y. 12170 for the purpose of discussion and review of the fire district’s proposed 2017 budget.


Outside Fires

Because it has been very dry the fall season is a critical time to limit outdoor fires.  The combination of dryness plus the dry falling leaves provides the fine fuels to cause a quickly spreading fire which may endanger structures.  If you are going to burn other than a camp fire, you will need to apply for a burn permit from the Town of Stillwater Department of Building and Planning.  Burn permits are copied to the fire department and posted to every member.  If you don’t have a burn permit and the fire department is called we will extinguish the fire.  Nothing except sticks, branches, ordinary wood etc is to be burned, any other materials such as mattresses, furniture, plastics etc will be subject to fines by DEC.  The burning of leaves is strictly forbidden by the clean air rules enforced by DEC.  Several area residents have been to court so far this year for burning unapproved material.  Very often County Communications will dispatch a police agency and DEC to a suspected illegal burn condition.

Heating Equipment

Make sure your heating equipment is ready to be used for cold weather.  Vents and chimneys should be checked and cleaned if necessary.  Heating equipment should be tuned up, filters changed and systems checked so that they are safe and reliable for the upcoming winter season.  If you are burning wood or even pellets do not store ashes inside the home, garage or on the porch.  Dispose of ashes in a non-combustible covered container and do not store the container on a combustible surface, this has caused many fires in the past.  Fire wood should be stored away from the home and do not dispose of ashes near your fire wood supply.

October is Fire Prevention month and this year’s theme is “ Don’t Wait – Check the Date!  Replace smoke detectors every 10 years.  “People tend to assume that simply having smoke alarms in their home ensures adequate protection from fires, but it takes regular testing and maintenance to ensure that that’s the case,”.  “Part of that effort is making sure you know how old the smoke alarms in your home are, and that they’re replaced every 10 years.”  The age of a smoke alarm can be determined by looking for the date of manufacture on the back or side of the alarm, and to replace the units 10 years from that date.



Upcoming Events

Oct 11 Fallen FF Memorial  Empire State Plaza 11am
Oct 12 - 15 State Fire Districts Fall Workshops Saratoga
Oct 15 EVOC Training
Oct 29 Supervisor’s Fire Service Briefing – 9am Training Center
Oct 31 Halloween
Nov 8 Election Day – VOTE!



October Training Minutes


Training Focus of the Month

Proper Operation of the Thermal Imaging Camera

Chimney Fire Training Power Point

Chimney Fires


Regularly Scheduled Events:

Training -- Wednesday Nights beginning at 6:30 P.M. and Saturdays beginning at 8:00 A.M. with breakfast beginning at 7:30AM

Company Meetings -- 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M.

Board of Fire Commissioner's Meeting -- 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M.



Firefighting isn’t for everyone, volunteering is – there is more to do than what is shown here:

YouTube Volunteering Video


Download sign-up sheets and become a member!  (Click both links below and fill out)


Membership Application



DMV Disclosure


Attention District Residents: To make sure your county 911 information is correct, call Saratoga County Emergency Services at 884-4769 daily between  9 A.M. and 5 P.M.


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New Developments in Fire Service Training


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Commissioners and Officers

Board of Fire Commissioner's for 2016

Anthony Ponzillo, Chairman; Mike Handerhan, Facilities Committee; Tom Rinaldi Apparatus Committee; Nick Maciariello,  Treasurer; Bill Ritter, Apparatus Committee;  Bob Carson Facilities Committee; Barb Comitale, Secretary/Deputy Treasurer


Line Officers for 2016

Chief            -- Zach Zendran

Deputy        -- Bob Wood

Assistant     -- Dave Dunn

Captains      -- Rick Hopeck

                     -- R J Laurenzo

                     -- CJ Brownell

Lieut.           -- Jason Urdang

                      -- Jamie Herrick

                      -- Tim Collins


Fire Police Capt.

                      -- Paul Macey


Fire Police Lt.

                      -- Bill Valosin


Administrative Officers for 2016

President -- Lisa Laurenzo

V.P.            -- Nick Maciariello

Treasurer -- Jaclyn Thomas



                   -- Chris Wright

Correspondence Secretary

                   -- Tiffani Scrom

Sergeant at Arms

                   -- Bill Ritter

Trustees   -- Dave Duquette, Jason Urdang, Jeff Nyland, Ed Sabourin, and Tim Collins




Words to Reflect On





If you see the following members, wish them a happy birthday this month: Veronica Miron 25th; Jeff Nylon 27th; Danielle Stables 22nd.

For anyone applying there is a process that needs to be followed which may take up to 90 days to complete.  Unfortunately as new members apply, we lose other members for various reasons.  The fire service today experiences an average 5 year turnover rate, as a result we are always in need of new members.  If you want a challenge, if you want to serve your community and if you want to keep your taxes low, please consider serving as a volunteer firefighter.  There is a job for everyone.  If you are interested, stop by on any Wednesday evening, Saturday mornings or email us at  Applications are on this web page, center section.


There is no grant activity for the department at this time.

Facility News

Most of the work scheduled for this year has been completed, the big projects were the painting and epoxy floor at Station 2 and the energy efficiency upgrades for all of the stations.  Currently we are having all of our overhead doors serviced to make sure there is no leakage and that they operate properly.  The sprinkler system was repaired at station 1 and the annual testing will be completed during the first week of October.  Maintaining four operational fire stations is a constant process of preventive maintenance and repairs by the Board of Fire Commissioners.


Apparatus News

Our new ETA is under construction as we continue to work with KME on construction questions and answers.  It will probably be late February before we make another trip to the plant to review progress and final construction details.  Some of the unique details include two cross lays on the front bumper, a rear 6” suction intake, and a air primer.  The unit will have a 500gpm Hale pump and will carry 1250 gallons of water.

In the near future the brush truck will be prepared for winter weather after the fall brush fire season.  As with the buildings the apparatus requires constant vigilance and preventative maintenance to insure the apparatus is ready for response at all times.


The members continue to train at least two days a week, Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.  On Saturdays, breakfast is provided and we want to take this opportunity to thank Paul Macey for his dedication in the fire station kitchen almost every Saturday.  If anyone would like to perform a guest cook appearance on any Saturday, please let us know.

Members have the ability to access free on-line training on the web.

To access, go online at, click on E-Learning.  The access code is on the Watch Desk Book in the radio room.

Training Resource Links:

Local Training


FireRescue 1


Firehouse Magazine


Fire Engineering


ICS Training Resources


Emergency Response Guidebook Training




Mission Statement:


  • Recruiting, cultivating, and retaining the highest quality diverse membership that remains committed to our mission and values.
  • Consistently delivering the best possible services to mitigate emergencies within our financial means and training in the safest manner possible.
  • Focusing on the safety of our members and the community before, during and after emergencies.
  • Partnering with local community, city, county, state, and federal officials and organizations in support of our vision.
  • Developing future leaders in the fire protection and emergency management community worldwide.
  • Encouraging innovative, forward-thinking strategies to reach our vision.